of oceans and satellites

by Kites, Screaming

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Album has been in production for a year or so and I feel it is finally done. It marks the end of me making electronic music. I plan to move on to other things, but I hope people will enjoy this album and the hard work I put into it. If no one enjoys it, that's cool too.


released February 14, 2014

Anthony Beloch - Vocals/Synth/Programming
All songs written by Anthony Beloch




Kites, Screaming New York

I make music for fun. I hope people enjoy listening to it. I have been making music on again, off again, for 7 years. I use primarily FL Studio and an Oxygen 25 Key Midi Controller. Yes.

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Track Name: Goodbyes
Flailing arms
Outstretched towards roads
Your misleading eyes dart
Back and forth between
Earth and sky
And never after’s
Become ever mores
And I won’t be back
To hear your reply
And I won’t be back
To say my goodbyes
Track Name: Horizon
I changed my name so you would think
That I disappeared into the horizon
Do you miss me yet?
Holding pictures of me
Close when you sleep
So you don’t wake up
Without me...
But I’m never coming back
Track Name: Brave
Catching my breath with my palms
I trace the lines and sigh
I’m hiding behind blue screens
And I never say anything
Except goodbye
I’ve never been brave like a toaster
I’ve never been a Goonie
I’ve never been brave
Track Name: Frank Sinatra Songs
Your hands
Hold me
In coffins
Sick stares
Holes in shirts
Fingers playing
In hair
On fire
Frank Sinatra songs
Track Name: Your Hand In Mine
It’s been raining almost everyday
While driving on this lonely road
These bumps and turns
Are making it
Hard to forget you
And I still remember
The feel of your hand in mine
Track Name: Dreyma Stjarna
There’s something about
The way she stares right through
Me that makes me sing
There’s something about
The way she moves through
My dreams that keep me
My eyes hold pictures
Of torn up letters
Left to fly away
Her eyes look like sky
Sky looks like ocean
Ocean looks dead to me
Track Name: The Ocean
Your hair gets stuck in my eyes
Strands choke and confuse my hands
As I try to untangle the mess I made
Of your smile
Your cheekbones stab at my chest
Words that don’t make sense
On a tongue purple with regret
Of never swimming with you
I don’t know where the ocean goes when I sleep
Track Name: Dark Eyed Girl
Dark eyed girl
Do you ever blink?
What hides behind your eyelids?
That scares you from sleep?
Is it those pictures of fall?
Track Name: Fade Into You
Let me fade into you
Just open your eyes
That shine right through me
While I sing
Fall right through you
Stuck inside
This coma of my
Only dream
The one where
I wake up and
In not here
I’ve been drinking
My liver under the table
In this room that
Smells like pine
And old cigars
And I feel like in older
I never said what I mean
You were never to be
Track Name: Pictures of the Sky
I take pictures of the sky
And wonder if anyone else
Is looking at the same patch as I
And I am too old to be lying in the grass
People are pointing and laughing
At the guy with the grass stains on his back
In the middle of the park
And I am too old to be scared of the dark
I take pictures of the sky
And wonder if anyone else
Sees the same stars as I
And I am too old to wish upon a shooting star
Track Name: To My Mistress The Bridge
Drive fast
On dirt roads
Where I don’t know
Headlights break through
The darkness hiding you
And I won’t tell
Anyone about you
You are mine
Until in over you
Track Name: Lavender Smiles
Her hair smelled like lavender
While swimming in the sea
She was scared of the fishes
So she swam close to me
And on the way back to shore
Waves listened to her sing
We gave each other everything
We sigh
We lie
We cry
We die